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NEWS EMAS team from Canada visited Hebron Medical Center for medical missio…

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EMAS team from Canada visited Hebron Medical Center for medical mission.  


EMAS Canada, (a.k.a Education, Medical Aid and Service) visited Hebron Medical Center from February 17th to 21st. EMAS Canada team with medical professionals from surgical and obstetric departments with other health care providers offered practical help and medical treatments to the Cambodian patients. 

EMAS Canada is collaborating with our Cambodian health care providers. 

EMAS Canada team of 22 volunteers in the field of plastic surgery, anesthesiology, OB-GYN, nursing, pharmacy served not only with medical care but even in the areas of IT, electrics and medical equipment together with our local staff. During this one week of service, they’ve seen 150 patients who visited the Surgery and OB-GYN departments. They performed 5 cases of skin graft surgery, 3 hysterectomies, 1 cystectomy and 5 volunteers left behind to follow up on the surgical patients.


EMAS Canada is preparing for surgery in Hebron Medical Center.


EMAS Canada is taking care of the Cambodians together with Hebron health care providers.


Hebron Medical Center is aware that Cambodia is in need of constant medical support with attention and help such as EMAS Canada. We hope for Cambodia to move forward to dream of a better future.