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Strengthening Community

We go beyond, into the community.

CAP(Care After Program)

In August 2017, CAP(Care After Program) was launched, providing necessary measures to children who received heart surgeries for their sustainable growth in terms of education and nutrition. We periodically support them for their visit to the center for post-surgery check-up and our team also visits the local villages to help provide for lack of education and nutrition. These educational and nutritional support help the children find self-confidence and work on their spiritual and character development. As of 2018, 41 children have been sponsored and HMC is looking forward to their long-term development.

Mobile Care and Children's Program

Hebron Medical Center visits an underdeveloped area where medical services cannot be provided due to the absence of hospitals or lack of access to hospitals from the beginning of its establishment, and moves to a rural village once or twice a month for treatment and treatment. In addition, a voluntary group of local employees has been established since 2014 to regularly visit the village of a child who underwent heart surgery and take care of the children in the village and school. There are currently six regularly visited areas and links to rural villages, schools and schools in Kampong Cham with various extracurricular activities programs in Cambodia.