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Patient Care

More than 300 outpatients visit HMC daily in need of various medical care.

Congenital heart surgery

Since July 2014, 261 heart surgeries have been performed at HMC including congenital heart disease and adult heart surgeries. The use of a heart catheterization technique is available.

Ophthalmic treatment, Cancer and surgical operations

In cooperation with the Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness, HMC has provided proper education and medical care for the purpose of eye disease prevention and treatment to about 3,700 patients annually. Ophthalmologic specialists visit the center quarterly to provide cataract surgeries to patients and to treat eye diseases such as keratitis, conjunctivitis, and pterygium. Cancer and surgical operations are also very active.

Treatment for mental illness patients

Although it was difficult for Cambodians to treat shame-causing diseases such as mental illness in a timely manner, the number of drug treatments and psychiatrists is increasing due to the increase in mental confidence in hospitals.

Medical Checkup Center

The Health Checkup Center was established to improve and promote better health in Phnom Penh. Local area employees visit the center for health screenings as required by employment standards.