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Training Program

Educating future leaders to lead the health care industry of Cambodia.

Nursing College

In November 2014, HMC founded the International Program of Bachelor of Nursing and Technical School for Medical Care in conjunction with the Cambodia National University of Health Sciences. The Nursing school building was completed in May 2016 to facilitate classrooms and dormitory housing for all students. Last year, 29 students have successfully graduated and fulfilled their capacities in various hospitals in Cambodia.

Residency Training Program

There are two medical schools with 1,500 graduates each year in Cambodia but their training programs and facilities are limited. Since 2014, HMC started a three-year family medicine training program and as of 2017, 14 graduates have received training and 5 residents are currently in training.

Educating and Nurturing Administrative Staff

HMC began with 12 administrative staff and gradually became a staff of 93 across divisions. Managing the organization, representing the organization to donors and the Cambodian Government, overseeing facility maintenance and repair, negotiating with vendors and suppliers, conducting community outreach programs, and developing goals and strategies for the center are part of the administrator’s work at HMC. Top administrators work to educate and nurture administrative staff to help them become community leaders in sustainable development.